Construction Surveying

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At Zenith Land Surveying our personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of Construction Surveying. We have been completing the surveying for construction surveying projects for over 25 years ranging from very small projects that only require a few hours to complete to very large commercial projects that require years to complete. We have worked on malls, highways, roads, commercial development sites, subdivisions, and many more construction sites. We have developed not only the plan, calculation and field staking skills to complete such projects, but also the management skills required to see that mistakes are held in check. If you would like us to provide an estimate or proposal for a construction project, provide a set of plans (pdf format is sufficient) and a timeline for the proposal and project, and we will be happy to work out an appropriate scope of work for the construction surveying portion of the project. We can adjust the scope of work to the specific requests of the client, and then provide an estimate or lump sum cost depending on the client’s needs. See our Projects webpage for a list of representative construction projects completed with the expert services of Zenith Land Surveying, Inc.