Zenith Land Surveying, Inc, founded in 2004, is a full service land surveying company with service being the operative word in our business philosophy. At ZLS we believe our reputation for excellence is built each day and on every project. Our #1 goal is to provide accurate, on-time and cost effective land survey services. We offer all of the services shown using state of the art Leica Robotic Total Stations and Carlson GPS equipment in the field supplemented by Carlson drafting software, an AutoCAD based format. We complete all services in house and can organize and manage outsourcing of Photogrammetric surveys, Aerial Surveys, Lidar Surveys, title searches, and any other survey related aspect of your project. Our personnel all have decades of experience and have risen “from the ground up” by starting as entry level rodmen and advancing through the ranks of the profession.

Zenith Land Surveying is also proud to have the opportunity to continue the surveying legacy of William J. Stengel, PLS 4846. Bill started surveying in Boulder County in 1951. He served as Boulder County Surveyor for 14 years from 1988 to 2002. Bill retired from Professional Land Surveying in 2008 at which time he passed on his archives to Zenith Land Surveying. If you have any questions about a survey performed by Bill Stengel, or if Zenith Land Surveying can help in continuing some surveying on your property begun by Bill, please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to serve his legacy to the best of our ability. For more on Bill Stengel’s legacy click here.

Zenith Land Surveying would like to serve you and your project, large or small, by providing the land surveying services necessary for its successful completion.